A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this stairs makeover. And paint too.. let’s not forget the paint.

I must have went through every possible shade of grey on this wall before I finally threw my hands up. All diva-like and flustered. White , I said to my husband. Let’s just go with the white paint!

Modern scandi style entrance and stairs makeover with CarpetRight. Carpet on stairs only and painted risers / Grillo Designs


If you’ve been following along with this makeover on my Instagram stories , I salute you – I really do! Your patience, watching me (and the hubby)  soldier on for the past four months, is something to be celebrated – truly!

You know those people who re-design rooms in a few days, weeks, or even a month? (not a rhetorical question by the way- such a person does actually exist)

Yeah. Totally not me.

Not you either? Meh. Lets be friends!

When it comes to decorating…. I am a snail… a sloth…

‘Sid the Sloth’ (or Medina the Sloth might be more apt here). I take my time.  And I also tend to procrastinate whilst taking my time.

Every decision I make has to feel right before I can move on to the next one. Sometimes, that may mean I have to go back and re-do things. Which is infuriating, to say the least.

But it’s how I work.

It’s a ‘Grillo’ thing – which if you hadn’t already noticed, isn’t just a name, but a way of life (Yes, I did just quote my mother)



*The carpet for this post was provided by Carpetright. This post contains affiliates for your convenience, see full disclosure here*

The stairs was the biggest challenge in this makeover. I don’t have a before picture of the staircase fully carpeted  but I do have a post carpet photo .



Wooden steps before the stairs makeover / Grillo Designs


Once the carpet had been pulled up, I’ll admit to getting a little carried away surfing wooden staircase ideas on Pinterest. I thought, with a little sanding and stain, I could go au Natural!

It would be beautiful.. I told myself. Magnificent even!

Turns out, bare wooden steps aren’t that great to walk up and down on.
They’re cold ….super noisy (not kidding about this part, my tiny cat was made to sound like a beast) and probably not ideal, when you have a five year old who likes to use them as the starting point for all major tantrums.

It’s not pretty to watch.


The stairs before the stairs makeover / Grillo Designs


Clearly, I have Pinterest to blame for all my over inflated interior dreams – and subsequent fails as a result. Just a thought . 

So I made the decision to go back to carpet .

Well sort of.

I would paint the risers and carpet the steps (treads) –   best of both worlds right?

I’m jumping the gun a little here – but here’s an after picture.


Carpet on risers only stairs makeover / Grillo Designs


With that idea in mind,  I reached out to Carpetright and asked if they would like to collaborate with me. They said yes, and a few happy AJ fist pumps in the air later, I was off to my local showroom to pick a carpet.

Rustic landing and stairs makeover with dakota wool carpet / Grillo Designs


I chose a carpet from the  Dakota wool range in a twine colour. I say chose so flippantly there, when in reality it was anything but that.  It was a mission, attempting to narrow down my options because there were just so many amazing ranges to choose from.

I had to go through lots of perfects before I found the ‘perfect one’ .




The Carpetright staff were great though, from the sales team right down to the actual fitting department. They gave lots of useful advice and if I had gotten on their last nerve with all the indecisiveness –  they sure didn’t show it!

Although baffled by my odd request to ‘just carpet the steps and not the risers’,  they were very accommodating and eager to make it happen!


Stencilled numbers stairs makeover / Grillo Designs

SOURCES: Carpet     /   stencil numbers  


It feels pretty nice to have a good quality carpet for a change. As opposed to the usual quick fix cheap carpets we buy whenever we move into a new rental property.

I’m kinda excited to see how it will wear over time!


Full entrance and stairs Makeover with CarpetRight / Grillo Designs

 SOURCES: Round Mirror   /   Umbrella stand   /  IKEA IVAR cabinet   


industrial style stairs makeover with stencilled numbers / Grillo Designs


We painted the banisters, skirting and stair risers with Valspar Coal Tipple (the same paint I used on my bedroom wall)! Everything had previously been white so the darker shade really added a little drama to the space. …   .

I’ll be sharing a little more about the painting of the stairs  in a future post. They totally need their own moment of glory.


Rustic stairs makeover with dakota wool carpet / Grillo Designs

Sources:  ALOE plant  /   wallpaper   /    Abstract Print


Also notice, the print on the wall? I was sent this by Print Club London –  an online store that sells limited edition art. This one in particular was designed by Niall Greaves an upcoming artist and recent graduate. I like how it ties the stairs and the  wallpaper together.


Leading off from my mini porch area, just before you climb the stairs, is another little entrance space

I added in an IKEA IVAR cabinet (removing one door to open it up) , baskets, a mirror and a few peg hooks for bag storage – the must have essentials for all great small space entrances, in my opinion.

Modern entrance and stairs makeover with carpetRight / Grillo Designs


And do you like the wallpaper? Its called ISOLINES  from Coloray Decor.


Removable wallpaper in entrance and stairs makeover / Grillo Designs


It’s completely removable too – which for a renter like myself , is a total bonus! (Did you catch my previous post on the best places to buy removable wallpaper from?).  I’m not going to lie though, for all its pros – this wallpaper was a little costly.

Even with a kind 30% discount that I received from the ladies at Coloray decor, it still took quite a large chunk out of my makeover budget (yes I had a budget , another reason why this makeover too so long. Budgets have to to be scraped together right?) .


hanging storage in diy entrance and stairs makeover / Grillo Designs

SOURCES: Peg rail   /      How to decorate book 


My heart had been set on it though . No other wallpaper would do.. So I decided to hit that checkout button ….silently  aware of all the things I would have to go without for the rest of this makeover .

Ahem- Totally worth it.


Rustic style entrance and stairs makeover using the IKEA IVAR / Grillo Designs


Why only half a wall, you ask?


It worked out a lot cheaper than doing the whole wall… I had planned to wallpaper half the wall  up the stairs as well, but once it came to putting it all up I realised, I had miscalculated all of my measurements and angles.

So that didn’t happen.  Which was a huge bummer.


small space entrance and stairs makeover / Grillo Designs



Good thing I can build right (but only simple stuff mind you) Also, good thing my garage is filled with diy materials like wood and other cool stuff… for all the building . Just saying …

I whipped together some beautiful box shelves from plywood for the wall above the stairs (using this handy clamp). I did think gallery wall for a split second,  but I’m a little over gallery walls….

easy plywood bookshelves above the stairs makeover / Grillo Designs

SOURCES: Lamp pendant


On went the books. Lots of them.

I’ve built up quite the collection over the years you see. .  I know some people aren’t a fan of the books facing this way (because its difficult to see what you are choosing).

 But I like them this way, k.

That practicality isn’t even an issue when you hardly get time to read anyway. And on the rare occasions that I do, I’ll just lean over (it doesn’t look that way, but these shelves are very easy to reach from the landing) and get searching for the book I want!

Which clearly might take some time…


DIY picture boxes above the stairs makeover / Grillo Designs




Stairs makeover with carpet on steps / Grillo Designs


As well as the staircase, Carpetright also fitted carpet and underlay to my landing area. It is quite a compact little landing so I struggled to get a complete  picture.

I do love the rustic tones of the carpet tone against the white walls though.


Landing and stairs makeover with carpet right / Grillo Designs


A big difference to how it looked before.



Before picture of the landing and stairs makeover / Grillo Designs


And finally, my not so little DIY cork board. Tutorial for this (and maybe even a better picture as this one doesn’t do it justice), also coming soon.


A boho style stairs makeover / Grillo Designs

This boards adds a little homely feel to the landing. Particularly handy when you have a budding artist … who likes to show off his pretty pictures.

There are a few things I would like to change about this makeover in the future like; The laminate flooring in the entrance (I kind of hate it),   adding a few more decals to the box shelves and also possibly painting the ceiling on the landing?

For now though, it will have to wait.

Stairs Makeover DIY | Grillo Designs

What do you think of this entrance and stairs makeover? Do you have carpet on your stairs too? Or did you opt for the bare wood style? Id love to hear.

**This carpet and all fitting services was gifted to me by Carpetright for the purpose of this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too!  All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own. You can read my full  disclosure here




DIY stairs makeover with painted risers, stencils and carpet steps / Grillo Designs




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