DIY No Sew Large Floor Cushions

How to make DIY no sew large floor cushions from a single bed sheet. These floor cushions are perfect for softening up a hard and/or cold floor


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Large floor cushion on a black and white rug, next to a dead plant

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I can’t sew.
Well OK, actually maybe that isn’t the right choice of words.
I can sew . I just choose not to because I dislike it so (see what I did there?). I find the whole process quite daunting. Then when you add a sewing machine to the equation, I can literally feel drops of perspiration forming on my forehead.
That voice inside my head? It just screams NO! Just NO! (dramatic, as ever I know)
So as you can imagine, I live for ALL the alternative solutions to sewing products .

I’ll admit, using glue to bind fabric together might sound super weird.
I can already picture you reading this, and saying aloud ‘That’s weird,’. I agree – whilst it is slightly non conventional, it does work. Quite well actually. These floor cushions are proof of that (even if I did end up holding my breath throughout the entire ‘making’ process’).

two of the large floor cushions placed on top of each other. picture ledges with books are placed above the DIY large floor cushions

And the best thing, this glue I have used is machine washable! Oh and another thing, I saved on fabric by using a cheap single sized bed sheet I bought from Primark Home. I managed to get two very decent sized floral floor cushions out of it

Large floor cushions placed on a monochrome rug next to each other


Materials needed to make one large floor cushion

Materials used to make large diy floor cushions


… From a bed sheet – I should probably add.

1 .Lay out your bed sheet the wrong way down on a flat surface (iron if needed). With a pencil and ruler draw a square outline on one side of the fabric. You can use an existing cushion cover if you want and trace the outline

2. Cut out the two squares with a sharp pair of scissors. You can use sewing pins to ensure the fabric doesn’t move if you intend to cut more than one piece of fabric at a time. If you are using a bed sheet like me, remove any existing hemming.

4 Now apply the Contact Adhesive Glue around the edges of both of the fabric squares.

A close up photo of the contact adhesive glue used to make the large floor cushions

Make sure you apply the glue to the correct side of the fabric as you will be turning the cushion inside out once completed

Photo of my hand applying the glue to the correct side of the fabric to make the diy large cushions

5. It’s also really important to apply the glue around BOTH of the fabric square edges.

A photo of me applying the contact adhesive glue to a second piece of fabric to make the large cushions

Don’t forget to leave a 3-4 cm opening on both of the fabric squares clear of glue. This opening will be used to insert the the stuffing

A picture of the two fabric pieces with the glue applied.

6. Place the two fabric pieces together (so the openings line up)and press down firmly. If you are re positioning wait approximately 1 minute before joining surfaces. Gorilla Contact Adhesive Clear is then re-positionable for 2-4 minutes.

7.Leave the glue to cure for 24hrs

8. Once dried, turn the pillow in side out through the opening you have created.

A close up of the openings created for the large floor cushion

A picture of the diy floor cushions without stuffing

9. Next, fill the cushion with stuffing through the opening.

Fill the diy large floor cushions with stuffing

Fill the diy large floor cushions with polyester stuffing

10. Finally, close the opening. Apply the Contact Adhesive Glue to the edges of the  cushion opening.

Apply contact adhesive glue to the openings of the diy large floor cushions

Fold a hem and press firmly together.

Fold the edges of the openings of the large floor cushion

You can use pegs or clips to hold the two sides of fabric together while it dries.

Apply pegs to the openings of the large floor cushion whilst the glue dries

And you are done!

A picture of the diy large floor cushion on a white back ground

A photo of me holding the diy large floor cushion

What do you think?

diy large floor cushions around a black coffee table

A picture of one diy large floor cushion next to the pallet coffee table

Obviously these floor cushions are super soft and squishy to hold too!

A photo of me holding the floral large cushion

***This post was sponsored by Gorilla Glue UK. I received products and payment for my time creating this post. I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own.

pinterest image of diy large floor cushions

Pinterest image of no sew large floor questions


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  1. I was looking for a good quality fabric glue for soo long, really hope this gorilla glue will be effective.

    Can’t really thank you enough for this floor cushion idea, I’m so into home decor gonna definitely try this one out!

    It looks soo is good in such fewer efforts. It seems quite easy to make.

  2. You’re talking to someone who once sewed a pair of window panels by hand and with iron-on tape rather than get the machine out of the closet and set it up. So wish I had known about this method then! I would definitely do this. Thanks. Love your blog. It’s just my speed.

  3. This is such a great idea! I’ve just been looking online to buy floor cushions and was put off by the price! I will definitely be giving this a go, thank you.

    1. I do sew and do upholstery,
      This is a quick and brilliant idea
      Does the glue dry soft of hard around the edges?
      Thx for post.

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