Sharing my an IKEA room set design that highlights small space living ideas on how to entertain for the upcoming party season.
This post is sponsored by IKEA London.

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Last week, I had total pinch me moment (in fact I’ve had a lot of pinch me moments this year but that’s a story for another day). IKEA reached out to ask if I would be interested in styling one of their room sets for the upcoming party season.

Now if you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that

1. I am a die hard IKEA fan.

2. My house consists of a lot of IKEA.

3. I love IKEA . . . in case that wasn’t clear.

So you bet I said YES! A million times YES!

Here are some BEFORE shots of my room set.

Yup, can you spot the OSB too? Its like this room was made for me (check out my own bedroom where I used this exact wood for my wardrobe doors)

Before image of ikea small space living roomet

Before image of small space living ikea roomset

As you can see from the photos the room is small in dimension, but not restrictive in the least. It’s designed for someone who wants to live BIG! It includes a mini kitchen area, a balcony, a living area, and a bedroom (the sofa which is the center piece of the room actually folds into a bed).

Before image of the kitchen area in this small space living roomset

In terms of functionality, this space was great however it lacked a few things. The first – being character (something that is usually left to the occupant to insert). And 2, a dedicated dining area, which was kind of important considering party and hosting season is fast approaching

Think about it for a second.

You want to invite family and friends over for dinner (you don’t leave your home much now that temperatures have dropped), but you worry about whether you’ll be able to host everyone comfortably if you do .

Where would you put a table ? Where to store the extra cutlery and dish ware? Will you have enough chairs? Is your home even ready (decor wise) to receive guests? And most importantly, how much are these little updates going to cost? You’re fairly certain you’re not too far off from your overdraft limit.

Well that’s where I come in. Here are some affordable updates you can make to a small space – in preparation for the party season.



Create a feature wall – they aren’t overrated.

small space living roomset design in IKEA london

The OSB wall was already in place when I arrived in my roomset . All I did was add another layer of interest by wallpapering on these GETNÄS colouring posters (I say I when in actual fact all all I did was watch Deanna – one of IKEA’S interior designers wallpaper do all the work. She did a great job!) Note: If you are renting and cant wallpaper – these posters come with self adhesive strips.

IKEA roomset designed by medina grillo for ikea

I also installed the EKET shelves on this wall – at random. They are stylish and very handy for storing everyday items. Because of the height, plants, like the FEJKA , look great on them!

Close up image of ikea eket helves on the osb feature wall


Change your sofa cover and/or add in new cushions covers

Nothing says re-fresh quite like new soft furnishing. I liked this LYCKSELE sofa-bed as sizing wise it fit perfectly into this small living room. Rather than replace it with something else, I just changed the cover. That’s one of the things I love about IKEA. The potential to customise most of their furnishings at great prices.

Close up black and white ikea sofa with eket shelves in the background

Cushions are great for you and your guests to snuggle up with! I chose a mixture of bold and patterned cushions like, the VÄNDEROT, and the RMER to go with the new jute rug. I’m all about clashing textures and patterns, me.

If you don’t have space for an actual dining table – try a drop leaf one.

No really, these NORBERG tables are brilliant.
I placed two next to each other to maximize dining space. These tables are installed directly into the wall. When pulled down they function as narrows shelves, and when pulled up, they becomes a surface for dining, beverages, etc.

Close up of norberg dining tables behind the sofa

I placed these tables just behind the sofa. If needed, the sofa-bed can be moved forward to accommodate for more chairs. However, there is enough clearance for two guests to sit comfortably at this table when its upright . Tip: Tables with cut away sides that reveal more floor space, trick the eye into believing the room is larger than it really is.

Create an ambient mood with additional lighting

IKEA sell a fantastic range of lighting in particular filament bulbs like the LUNNOM. Often times small rooms feel small because of inadequate lighting so swapping for brighter LED bulbs in your light fixtures is a quick and sustainable way to increase the amount of light in the room.

Plug in lights like floor lamps, or string of lights give you more control over the ambiance of the room because you can swap out or rearrange fixtures depending on your needs. It also means not having to install anything directly to the wall, which might be difficult to do if you rent.

Rocking chair in front of the large window in room set

And don’t forget to keep your window dressing simple. You’ll want to make the most of the natural day light during the colder seasons.


Paint a wall (if you’re allowed).

You’d be surprised the impact a little colour can have on a room – especially a bright and cheerful colour like this one . Choose shades that will make the room feel fresh, inviting and cosy.

Also, painting just one wall is a great way to zone an open plan room. I used Ochre by DULUX for this kitchen wall.

Kitchen area in living space painted ochre by dulux and various shelving in place

Adjustable wall shelving to maximize storage

Kitchen area in living space painted ochre by dulux and various shelving in place

If you’re planning to have guests over, that’ll mean you’ll need more space for storing the extra food, dish ware and cutlery. This mini kitchen is perfect for small space living, but it just needed a few more storage features for it to work better in this space.

I attached a curtain using the SKUGGBRÄCKA fabric to hide the sink and recycling boxes.

View of the kitchen area from the living space.
View of the kitchen area from the living space.

As well as adding in this gorgeous birch VARDE shelving above the sink , I also installed the ALGOT shelving to the side. This system allows you to add, adjust, or remove shelving as needed. A key to remember when installing storage systems is to decorate vertically!

Close up of wall shelving in the kitchen area

Add plants – faux plants require zero effort


Hooks for everything!

Make the most of any floor space by keeping it as clutter-free as possible. That includes any small accessories you might otherwise have laying around.

I used the BJÄRNUM hooks to hang extra foldable chairs

Hanging ikea foldable chairs on the wall

These wooden hook racks are great for hanging coats, bags, and other accessories.

Wooden hooks on ochre wall for hanging bags and iron board

Decorate with multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional pieces of furniture are your friends when you live in a small home. You’ll have more options/surfaces to work with when you have people over .A coffee table can double as a storage bin, allowing you to clear away any clutter at a moment’s notice. A bookcase can convert into a bench with storage. A bar cart can also hold appetisers , plates and silverware.

Kallax turned into a window seat

I converted the KALLAX shelving unit into a window seat and added in two FLADIS baskets for things likes shoes.

And there you have it! Those are my tops tips for small space living and entertaining. Let me know what you think of this makeover in the comments below.

**This post was sponsored by IKEA UK . I only partner with brands I LOVE and think you will LOVE too! All ideas, photos and opinions are 100% my own.

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