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Submitted by:Shannon Starline


Member of:Grillo Designs Home Decorating, Upcycling and DIY group


This bed base was made from a shipping crate used to ship a BMW car hood.


crate bed


I cut it in half for easier, and lighter moving and held the two halves together with old gate hinges at the foot and the head.


All the top wood was stained and held in place with industrial Velcro rather than screwing into place. My reason for this was for easier moving to a second floor apartment. If I hadn’t had to move it, I would have just screwed in the top 1×6 slats.




The drawers are made with plywood and function using casters on tracks (which I made with 1×1/2 wood).

I created faces of the drawers with pallet wood and the handles are made from branches I simply screwed in. Both I sealed with wood sealant.

I added rope lights underneath for added WOW.


The headboard is made from another shipping crate used to ship a tow truck hood. Stained and hung on the wall using heavy duty picture hanging hardware.


crate bed


Check out this project in further detail on Shannon’s blog Starline Designs.


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