How it started

I actually started blogging about my DIY and decorating projects two years ago but purely on Facebook. I remember being a part of a lovely group and sharing some of my ideas on there. Members suggested I make a page of my own and that’s what I did!

Well, it felt like a very different Facebook the moment I did that. I realised this social media outlet wasn’t just about a way to connect with friends, but a way in which to meet like minded people and share a passion. I fell in love with Facebook all over again and joined so many different groups, pages and communities. I did notice a lack in DIY groups on Facebook so I made my own group – which you can join here.

What is Grillo Designs

Grillo Designs is lifestyle blog that showcases a variety of home decor, DIY, Upcycling and craft ideas! Whilst Grillo Designs is a personal blog, it is also a community for other crafters , diy-ers and like minded people to come together and feature their own projects. Not only will I be sharing posts written by me but also work created by My Facebook group members (under members projects which you can view here ).