#howirent: “Social Housing has allowed my family to put down roots and establish a better future.”  

In this video, I’m touring the home of Africa Daley-Clark who lives in North London with her husband and two daughters. We’re also talking quite frankly about renting via social housing and the stigmas surrounding that.


Welcome back to another episode of howirent! If this is your first time visiting, hello! Let me give you a quick run through . . .

I’m Medina, a DIY Blogger and Author of Home Sweet Rented Home). I am absolutely crazy about interiors and decorating my rented home. For years, I have felt renters to be a group of people that were often over looked in the world of Interior Design, so this year I thought it about time I addressed that.

Thats where this series comes in! #HowiRent is a monthly home tour series I started that champions renters, who in spite of all the usual renting constraints, have managed to transform their homes into abodes of personality and style. Click here to see the previous guests in this series.

[All of the beautiful photographs below have been shot by Kasia Fizser.]

. . . . . .


Africa Daley-Clarke!!

Africa daley-clarke smiling into the camera

Africa is one my favourite people to follow on Instagram and also happens to be a dear friend. We met on online at the beginning of this year – although I’ll admit it does sometimes feel like we’ve known each other much longer! There are some people you meet in life that you just gel with immediately, Africa for me, is one of those people.

Africa (who goes by The Vitamin D project on Instagram) works full time as a showroom designer, is a mother to two beautiful girls Israel and Ezra (often featured on her Instagram grid), and wife to her husband Jermel.

Africa daley-clarke and her daughter Israel

On her blog, she shares written accounts of her personal experiences with post-natal depression and the effect it had on her family after the birth of her first child. Her challenging journey into motherhood is something I’m sure a lot of women can relate to.

What I admire most about Africa is her unwavering confidence and clarity when discussing topics that are important to her. She often uses her platform to champion the lack of representation and diversity in children’s books and brands. Her personal style is one of a kind and her home (as well as her fashion sense), is a true reflection of that!

In this episode, we are talking quite frankly about renting via social housing and the stigmas surrounding that. Hope you enjoy – over to Africa !




  1. I absolutely love this. I’ve been a renter all my life and I’ll probably be till I die. Currently living in the equivalent of social housing in California. And while I predict I’ll have much more restrictions than Africa and her family have encountered. I’m so. Inspired by this!

      1. This is such a beautiful home and I love that every corner reflects her individuality, heritage and personal style. Love the bursts of color and greenery – looks amazing!

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