“Don’t try to solve all the world’s problems. Choose your battles and fight them well. If you try to take on everything, you will succeed at nothing.” – Oliver Bancroft

I love this quote, and I’ll tell you why. As much as I enjoy showcasing my own ideas on this blog, I realise that there are some techniques I don’t know, and some projects I can’t always cater for.

This is where the idea of contributors comes in. Readers get to see a variety of ideas from a different person and perspective each month. It keeps topics on this blog diversified and fresh!



Hi, I’m Julie and I make and sell wreaths at Julies Wreath Boutique

I’m a wife, mother of 4, and in the last few years, have become a wreath designer and stay at home “MOM-prenuer”. After years of taking care of the needs of my family I decided to take on a new adventure in my life . I started Julie’s Wreath Boutique, a business with steady growth which offers unique and custom designs perfect for each season! .

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This blog has a variety of projects submitted by members of the Grillo Designs Home and DIY Facebook group (you can join here). Projects  are submitted via our Submit a Project form, usually by people who aren’t bloggers!

I really love featuring their projects on this site. They have produced some hugely successful posts like;