Hi there! My name is Medina Grillo and I love all things DIY, DECOR and DESIGN related. I am a mother to a fantastic little boy and wife to an amazing husband who puts up with my crazy ideas and insane creative mood swings. The best part is he also has a ‘secret’ talent for woodwork and building so a total win win partnership right? I might be the brains behind the ideas I share on this site, but he most definitely is the brawn.

Did I also mention that we move around a lot? Yup. We are renting tenants – not yet blessed with owning our own home. We move, settle in, decorate, then more times than not, leave. Thats not completely a negative thing by the way. Thats just how we roll. One day we will have our forever home, but until then well keep inspiring, creating and being thankful for the opportunity to make wherever we live a place we can love.


Favourite Blog posts


Here are a few pictures from my all time favourite blog posts:


1. Kitchen Tour: Funky and Retro!



2. How to paint a fabric sofa.



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