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This is how the playroom looked before. The wall were a very boring Magnolia! Something had to be done!




Another before picture….




We decided to separate the playroom into different ‘zones’ . We did this because our son is autistic and we didn’t want to overwhelm or overstimulate him too much. The different zones included:


Reading Nook

Kitchen area

Dress up/Toy area

Art corner

Other areas


I’ll take you through a virtual tour of the different areas.



This reading nook was created using tyres as the main seating area (see tutorial for kids seating here).




We used IKEA RIBBA ledges as the book shelves and the IKEA KALLAX cube to separate the area off.




We also added some colourful cushions, a comfy rug and baskets for book storage!


reading nook


We bought this canopy from IKEA quite a whilbe back now but I’ve recently heard they no longer sell them







My son struggles with imaginary play, however a part of his learning developments targets set by his speech and language therapist included trying to encourage imaginary play, whether he participated it or not.




So, I bought him this play kitchen and set the whole area up to look like a cooking zone The K on the wall which stands for Kitchen was designed by me and built by my husband (under my careful instruction of course!).





When my son hit the age of two he went through an obsessive Toy Story craze. He loved everything Woody, Buzz, Andy and Woody (I mean to repeat myself here – that’s how much he loved the little cowboy!).


dress up


He had a quite a few woody outfits along with various other superhero outfits.


dress up


To create this area I screwed in a rail (well it was just a piece of driftwood really) between two bookshelves and hung up some red polka dot curtains.


dress up


I then added in some lights and a mirror to give it a glamour/celebrity dressing room type feel (I chuckle here).


Photo 15-01-2015 13 50 43
By utilizing the space between the bookcases, I managed to save a lot of space. It meant I could use the bookshelves to store his toys and various other bits and keep things organized!


dress up



This area was fun to create! I think every child needs that corner where they can be creative and artistic.


art corner


As you can see the drawing/magnetic board here is in the actual fireplace. We boarded it up with large piece of MDF wood, and then painted it with DULUX magnetic paint (that was a nightmare might I add – it took about 7 coats to get it magnetic!).


art corner


I hung a roll of IKEA drawing paper to the top using a dowel rod and slid the paper under a piece of thick cardboard to keep it in place.


art corner





car ramp


The ramps where made using guttering pipes.


Photo 17-06-2015 12 57 41


I painted them as seen in pictures and attached them at an angle off the side of the IKEA KALLAX cube.


car track


To make the road ramp, I used timber floor boards and chalk painted them.


Photo 10-01-2015 15 02 57






I made this set using tree trunks (see DIY chalkboard table and stools tutorial).








Still a project that needs to be completed. Its meant to have a door and little doll house windows!


Photo 09-07-2015 11 59 30


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Hi. My name is Medina Grillo and I love all things DIY, DECOR and DESIGN related. I am a mother to a fantastic little boy and wife to an amazing husband who puts up with my crazy ideas and insane creative mood swings ( the best part is, he has a secret talent for woodwork but shhh you didn’t hear it from me!). I am the creator of this website and co-owner of the Grillo Designs Home Decorating Upcycling and DIY Facebook group.


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  1. This is so cool! All the hard work and effort you put in over 5 months, must be definately worth it, looks amazing. I’m sure your son is loving it too. I especially love the mushrooms seats, very cute!

  2. This is awesome! I loved doctor Seuss as a kid and this room is spot on – good job, lucky kid! I love this blog theme btw x

    1. Thank you so much 🙂

  3. This is exactly how I’d want my playroom to look. It’s adorable. I love the little toadstool seats and art fireplace! I’ll pin these idea for later.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. Thank you so much Roxie 🙂

  4. I am in awe of this! I wish I had a play room like this as a kid! I’ve barely begun my daughters room decorating but now after seeing your post I had loads more ideas! You are amazing by the way, love the toadstool chairs & table!!!

  5. Wiem

    Well done !! You are very talented Mashallah and also so inspiring to other mothers ! xx

  6. Dalia

    Medina , you are very tallented and i want to ask how do you get your motivation and how do you start,cause i have sooo many ideas but none of it is put into action.

    1. Thank you so much Dalia. I Really appreciate your comment. My son is usually what motivates me most days. I enjoy seeing him playing with the things I have made.

  7. 🙂