IKEA Hack: Industrial Storage

I love IKEA and I love a good IKEA hack even more!I have recently moved homes, and have started decorating my sons room (of course his room has to be done first!) I opted for a rustic, industrial theme. His room is quite small, so clothes storage was a bit of a challenge.



 I decided to go for an open clothes closet idea to open out his room space. I had an IKEA Expedit cube that I was going to get rid of, but quickly changed my mind when I came up with an idea! I was going to hack the IKEA cube!


ikea hack


Materials used:


How to:


Sand IKEA cube down using sanding machine. You just need to roughen up the surface to give the paint something to grip onto


Ikea expedit hack


Make little holes using a nail for where you would like the screw heads to be.


Nail heads


Then hammer in screw heads to give the appearance of faux rivets.


Putting the nail heads in

Spray paint grey primer/undercoat or you can paint it on (I was a bit lazy here!).


Spray paint


Make sure you spray over the rivets to get rid of their shiny chrome look


Ikea cube



Now paint on your coats of the chalk paint with 1 hour drying time.



My chalk paint was quite thin so I had to do several coats.


The chalk paint


This is how it looked after several coats.


Two coats later

Next paint the inside of the cube orange using the Dulux gloss. This needs about 12 hours drying time in between coats.


Paint inside orange


Saw wooden floorboards to correct size and hammer in place with nails – the thickness and length of the wooden planks depends on your choice here.


Attach the wood planks


Stain wood with dark oak varnish or any color of your choice.


Stained wood
ikea hack


Once the paint has dried, use a rub and buff metallic wax over the front and sides of the cube to give the metallic look.


After metallic wax


Once dried, seal the whole unit with clear wax and leave to cure to dry overnight!








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  1. Rachel

    I keep looking at this – just fantastic. Really creative and so well done. Great job!

  2. Love IKEA hacks! I recently did one for another bookcase and it looks so much more elegant. Love this for an edgy modern look.

  3. Oh my gosh, how cool is that! And super easy, too! Thank you for sharing.. I will have to do this for my boy’s room!

  4. You did a great job and it looks terrific. I’ m not all that handy…but wish I were.

  5. Vincent

    I am actually very impressed the way you have made it! Every time I see it I am thinking “it really does look nice”.

    1. Thank you 🙂