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    Sharman DeLuca

    OMG are you the woman that made that snowman wreath for your mother? OMG I love that stinking thing and I don’t even like Christmas and/or snowmen but I wanted to do that so bad. I did not get an opportunity to do it for Christmas (my husband said I don’t need to make it because he is not going to put a hole in the door for the hook…lol) and I am going in for surgery in Feb and will be laid up for 3 months but I swear, I am going to make it. I just love it………………..

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    Peggy Bond

    Thank you so much, the little guy has definitely taken on a life of his own. I hope your surgery goes well and you recover quickly. Tell your husband no need for nail holes, use a command hook! Lol thank you again.

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    Christina in FL

    It is so cute! 🙂 Tell the hubster there are these new fangled things called wreath hangers and you don’t have to put a hole in diddly squat. lol He is so silly. :))
    May your surgery go exceptionally well! :))) Get your kindle/iPad/laptop all charged up! :))

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    Charlene Miller

    I made a couple of them to get through the grief of my mom’s passing/death in October, 2016.
    You don’t have to put a nail or, hole in the door to hang it up — just get one of those wreath hangers to slip over the top of the door and it has a hook on the other end. Where abouts do you live & if u like I could make you one and send you a hanger to hang it?

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