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    I know many people have a lot of questions in regards to the snowman wreath that Peggy bond made. Ask away here of you can share your versions of her snowman wreath 🙂


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    I was so inspired by Peggy’s snowman wreath that I had to make one myself. I am not an every day craft person, so it did look a little intimidating at first, but after watching her video it was actually pretty easy.

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      Thank you for sharing that Babydoll! I feel like peggys wreath has taken on a life of its own!

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    Nancy Schubert

    Hi Peggy,

    Happy New Year! I admire your snowman. Can you email a pic of the backside of him? Did you make a video making him? If so, where can I find it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Shay Paulin

    What size forms were used?

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      Hi shay . Peggy used a 12″ and 8″ wreath frame

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    Robin Godwin

    I have a question. When you cut the mesh what keeps it from coming apart and making tons of strings? Tried different was with no luck. Love it! Thanks robin

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    Stephanie Roy

    What size hat did you get for the snowman wreath.

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    Hi Stephanie!

    The hat size depends on the size of your wreath (but ill pass the question on to peggy). Here is where you can buy them though:

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    Hi Guys, I’m Peggy Bond. I made the original snowman that has been posted the past couple years. No one was more surprise then myself when this little guy went around the world a couple times. I have been crafting and teaching classes for over 25 years. I am married with 2 grown boys and now have 5 grandchildren. I live in Redlands Ca. USA
    To answer the question about his hat. There is only the one size at Hobby Lobby and that where I bought it, it’s styrofoam so cuts in half very easily. Hope this helps you.

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    Peggy!! I love your snowman so much.. he truly is an inspiration !

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