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    Hi: I am a dyed in the wool pack-rat. Have been for so many years and now at 70+ i want it all to just jump into an organized system for ease and convenience. True dreamer, right? Yes, but now I am finding that all the commercial systems on the market are extremely over my head in price. I love to look at the DIY projects on Pinterest and other sites BUT I find I would like some feedback from others who may be in the same boat. Does that make sense? I have just recently caught onto your website. I really enjoy your crafts and your humor. My “Projects” are the bane for my family. They hate projects and plans and notes…everything that means Gramma has something she wants to build. I hope to hear back from others thru your blog how they OR how you deal with getting plan to come together. Thanks for letting me vent.

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    Hi… I know what you mean. I love going on pinterest to get ideas too but its not always so great in terms of communication (hence why I’m happy about these new forums) . With regards to organizing though, its always a good idea to start small, or focus on one item at a time. I have just started reading the KON-MARI book – honestly I find it life changing and I have only implemented small things so far .

    Here a link to the book:

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    Thanks Mille: I’m trying to take it in small steps. The amount of “stuff” in garage that needs to be removed or relocated is outrageous. But, I’m working on it. Thanks for reply.

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    Haha I know what you mean ! Do you have any photos of your garage at all? We can brainstorm together 🙂

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    Pacamom2011, I just turned 69 and my daughter & son in law bought a house for me. I pay for the mortgage, taxes insurance. They up. They call it “their retirement fund”. I am a packrat also; I refuse to be called a “hoarder”. I moved in a year ago and they keep putting more things in the basement, garage and closets then leave. I guess it is my job to keep their “fund” tidy. I bought two of those hangers that hold brooms mops shovels rakes, etc. One for my things and one for their tools. They sell.them at Walmart very inexpensively. Start by getting.things away.from leaning on walls. Then.go thrift shopping. Buy bookcases, cupboards, small TV stands. Anything that will hold stuff. Then grab three.trash bags or boxes. One for keep, one for donate and one.for throw away. If you can afford it there re people who come pickup what t you don’t want. I give a lot to Salvation Army because they pickup. Junk jilers.are.good.for throw away stuff.

    Sorry this got so long. I guess I really topic! 😏😏😋😂😂

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