How do you clean real wood floors?

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    My husband wants to install real wood flooring in our home and I’m not convinced that they will be so easy to clean. I’m wondering exactly how wet can you get real wood without damaging it?

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    I know you can use soaps, alkaline detergents, or a bit of baking soda dissolved in water very very sparingly. And then just the the day to day cleaning like sweeping and vacuuming…

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    I use Murphy’s oil soap on mine. I use a dust mop daily and spot clean. Then when they look bad I get on my knees and really clean and dry. I have a really small house though.

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    I sweep them usually twice a day, and spot clean them with a wet rag if someone spills something. Then mop them once a week or every other depending on how they look. Usually put a fan or something on them so they don’t stay wet for long or dry them with a towel (towel skating, lol).

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    Katie Hansen

    Steam cleaner. You will never regret it!

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    Katie Hansen

    I also use a big dust mop for daily cleaning.

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    To vacuum and wipe with a damp cloth. Never add water

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