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    Laura Kade

    How do you deal with the emotional connection to collected ‘things’ when downsizing from an apartment to a room? Be come a long way but still have emotional attachments to stuff ‘memories’.

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    First of all, this seems a painful post. I am sorry for that. I just want to relate a story: A year after my mother in law passed away, my father in law remarried. Very little had changed in his home, where she came to live. He said to say the word and he would remove anything she didn’t want there. It was a lively home and she removed very little.
    I asked her once, “Does it bother you to be surrounded by all of her things?”
    She said, surprised, “It’s just stuff” and she winked and added, “And it’s a pretty home.”
    Those three words changed my outlook. “It’s just stuff” Love is not contained in things, but in your heart, soul and memories.
    That said, it isn’t easy. It took me about two years to act on that epiphany. Best to you, dear.

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