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    Im picking up this table tomorrow. Im considering painting it but not sure. What do you think? If you would paint, what colours would you use?


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    Christina in FL

    Very snazzy looking table Millie, congrats on getting it. If you are keeping it for yourself, I’d paint it in colors that appeal to you and play well with your decor. I would probably stain then polyurethane the top, everything but the drawers a medium grey and the drawers a very light grey. It would also look great in navy blue and grey. Yes, I adore grey. 🙂

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    Don’t paint such a good piece of timberware. Lightly sand it then wax it with several layers of good quality furniture wax, polishing each layer as you go, until you get a deep shine.

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    I agree it’s Sheila’s comment. I think painting this beautiful piece would be sinful. Keep the paint for another project. A good waxing will make you both shine!

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    I agree with Sheila!

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    I definitely would paint it. Depending where your putting it I would either paint it in a matte finish or I would do a chalk paint for the top and coordinating paint on the bottom,

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    Sharman DeLuca

    I would not paint it at all. It looks like it is in great condition. I would only paint it if it is damaged because once you paint furniture it looks painted in my opinion rather than original..

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    I would paint it a creamy white with chalk paint. And then add some brown color wax after it dries. It will pick up darker in the cracks and look gorgeous! Good luck!

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