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Submitted by: Darlene Pattern Sommers


how to make a corn husk wreath


Member of: Grillo Designs Home Decorating and Upcycling Group


Materials used:

1 wire wreath ring

2 bags of corn husk

Chicken wire

Pine cones



How I did it:


I attached chicken wire to the middle of the ring.


How to make a corn husk wreath


I then started to hot glue the husks on to it.


How to make a corn husk wreath


I put two rolls on each one.


How to make a corn husk wreath


On the last little ring I cut the husks smaller.


How to make a corn husk wreath


Finally, I wired the pine corns to the middle.


How to make a corn husk wreath


Here is the finished wreath.


How to make a corn husk wreath


And here it is hanging on my door!


How to make a corn husk wreath


You can use different coloured corn husks too. Here is another I made.


How to make a corn husk wreath







Darlene Patten-Sommers

I am Darlene Sommers. I have been crafting for a long time but just got into upcycling old things and making things with pallets. My family call me a horder lol but I love making new thing out of old stuff.]


If you have any questions for Darlene or would like to share your thoughts on this project, please leave a comment below.


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  1. Tina Juhasz

    I really love this corn husk wreath. How did you dye the corn husk? I really like it both ways with and without the colored husk.

  2. Marilyn

    Did you dye the husk red or buy them that color ? ty

  3. j. kilgore

    Just made mine today and I love it! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Terry Sherwood

    Where do you get the corn husk from?

    1. j. kilgore

      I got mine in the Mexican food isle at the grocery store.