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My name is Medina Grillo and I love all things DIY, DECOR and DESIGN related. I am a mother to a fantastic little boy and wife to an amazing husband who puts up with my crazy ideas and insane creative mood swings ( the best part is, he has a secret talent for woodwork but shhh you didn't hear it from me!). I am the creator of this website and co-owner of the Grillo Designs Home Decorating Upcycling and DIY Facebook group.


I'm a wife and a boys mom. I left the corporate world years ago and found my "salvation" in hoarding and painting old furniture. I live with my family in a very green area of Connecticut, USA, where I work from home, more precisely, from our garage. My business is called The Wood Spa.


We are a husband and wife team that are passionate about breathing new life into anything old and discarded. There is also a strong possibility that we are hoarders lol. Ron is a master carpenter jack of all trades. I'm the dreamer/visionary. As a team we are able to tackle just about any project.

Julie Oxendine

Julie is a wife of almost 24 years, mother of 4, and in the last few years has become a wreath designer and stay at home "MOM-prenuer". After years of taking care of the needs of her family she decided to take on a new adventure in her life and started Julie's Wreath Boutique, a business with steady growth which offers unique and custom designs perfect for each season. Julie's work began its debut on Grillo Designs and then has been on sites like Good Housekeeping Magazine, online site Hometalk, and was published last winter in Country Samplers Christmas Decorating Magazine. You can follow Julie on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, and her website to see her newest original designs in her boutique. She also has tutorials on YouTube in efforts to help others learn how to make their front doors the most welcoming doors in their community.

Jen Holz

My name is Jen, and I'm a fan of all things crafty. A computer programmer by day, I find crafting to be relaxing and inspirational in a way that web design can't compare to. I have a passion for recycling old home decor to give it a new life, and consistently try to find ways to transform what some people consider trash into unique, functional pieces of art. I'm inspired by vintage/shabby chic design elements and always try to pair these styles with my quirky personality to create original treasures to display in your home. :)

Grillo Designs (IT)


My name is Sharni and I’m the woman behind the creative Instagram profile @MadeBySharni I am half Danish, half Australian and live in Stockholm with my husband and two small kids. I work in the travel business developing children club and mascot concepts and (of course) love traveling. I have a passion for crafts and love creating things, using all my spare time on DIY projects, baking, upcycling and renovating and decorating our house from the 50’ies. I post all my ideas and my before- and after pictures of the house renovation on my Instagram profile. Please feel free to visit me there.


Jolene is a wife, DIY addict & cat lover who writes from her home in Los Angeles. She adores everything historical & vintage, and could happily wander through a used book store for hours without even buying anything. Grab a cup of tea & feel free to visit her blog Create Pray Love, which features unique home decor ideas, DIY project tutorials, and tips on budget living.

Marcie Goodman

My husband works out of state so in order to keep my sanity, I had smaller crafts I would make. One day I decided to cup up some pallets left over from a yard project for our fire pit. I cleaned it off before I cut it up and the grain caught my eye. I took a piece and sanded it down and the grain just popped. I decided to rescue a few more pieces and as my confidence grew I began to try larger projects . Often as I am sanding or staining wood and the beautiful grain comes through, I think we are just all like this pallet. Splintered , broken, bowed, warped, blemished but with a little hard work, our beauty will shine through

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Interior design, decor, Upcycling and DIY . Mama of one, lover of food and all things colourful! Follow me for visually stimulating ideas!

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My name is Maria and I love all things DIY, DECOR and DESIGN related.

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